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Interdist Alliances offer IT solutions specific to the challenges faced by various industries.

Patient Travel

Patients are often asked to travel to specialists based at different facilities. It's not always feasible for them to travel these distances.

What's the solution?

A modern and effective collaboration tool for Healthcare. TelePresence creates immersive, in-person meeting experiences among geographically dispersed users over the internet. Integrated visual and audio components deliver the characteristics of a face-to-face meeting, creating a lifelike collaboration experience. Cisco TelePresence enables patients to accomplish more in the same amount of time without the stress and fatigue associated with travel.

What are the benefits?

Improve Care & Productivity:

  • Provide consultations and second opinions to sites without requisite clinical resources
  • Use application sharing to help clinicians access records from disparate systems
  • Engage remotely located physicians for whom travel or other costs would have precluded using their expertise
  • Conduct research collaboration sessions without need to travel

Managing Medical Education

Continuing medical education often requires doctors and nurses to travel and take time away from patients.

What's the solution?

WebEx for Healthcare:
Facilitating clinician Training, Collaboration and Medical Conferences. Collaboration will help the medical pratictionaires to conduct regular case review sessions and tumor boards over WebEx. Doctors and nurses can view images and other materials, discussing details to improve quality of care. Physicians at multiple locations can participate from their offices. A Webex Solution will assist in Continuing Medical Education training to reduce travel and time away from patients. WebEx provides an intimate, effective setting and eliminates the time and expense of conducting multiple sessions.

What are the benefits?

Continuing Medical Education training:

  • Provide training on WebEx to reduce travel and time away from patients
  • Healthcare professionals can attend updates on new treatments and processes through WebEx, either on demand or during live sessions
  • Large-scale training: Provide training for physicians, nurses, and other groups in many places at once, incorporating presentations, Q&A, video, and handouts.

Geographically Dispersed Operations

Traditionally, healthcare executives travel extensively to provide executive leadership across regions and facilities, which can be costly and reduces productivity.

What's the solution?

By connecting executives, medical professionals, patients, and suppliers in real time, regardless of their locations, can help to reduce the inefficiencies of traditional collaboration tools. For many customers, a TelePresence solution pays back its investment within a year.

What are the benefits?

Eliminating distance as a barrier:

  • Executives and experts can collaborate live with internal teams, supply chain partners, and other resources, minimising travel and its associated costs.
  • The ability to collaborate in real time using TelePresence enables you to quickly deploy new clinical processes, manage remote sites more effectively, optimise clinical and staff resources, and participate in operations across multiple sites.
  • The ability to immediately address issues and adapt to changing conditions helps improve care, optimise key clinical resources and broaden access to care.

Medical Resource Shortages

Patients living in remote or underserved areas might have reduced access to quality healthcare even basic care from a primary physician. Additionally, specialists are increasingly in short supply.

What's the solution?

Using TelePresence with Watson Cognitive system allows health institutions to enhance clinical consultations and care. You can extend expert resources such as radiologists, cardiologists and nuclear medicine experts, across a broad geographic area, reducing patient transfers whilst increasing productivity. Access second opinions or enable specialist diagnosis and treatment plans through TelePresence conferencing technology.

What are the benefits?

Effectively managing medical resources:

  • Scale Scarce Resources: Limited physician and clinician resources can now be scaled across multiple locations to provide consistent, optimised levels of quality care
  • Specialised diagnoses and face-to-face consultations can be delivered cost-effectively and more frequently
  • Hospitals and speciality centers that are linked using TelePresence can take advantage of scarce resources, such as ICU physician monitoring, virtually
  • They can also cross-train teams faster, adopt new protocols more efficiently, and work together to deliver improved healthcare coverage to satellite and remote locations

Consultations Becoming Standard

Healthcare increasingly relies on consultations to manage research to patient referrals, specialist consultations, and delivering care to remote areas. Increasing demand also makes it impossible for the limited number of specialists to meet the growing need.

What's the solution?

Improving the Quality and Speed of Care, TelePresence for Healthcare helps connect people across regional or global locations for training, consultation, and specialised collaboration. With this solution, you can create immersive, face-to-face communication experiences. You are also able to provide easy access to specialists at the point of care and make it easier and more convenient for clinicians to collaborate. This improves both the timeliness and quality of care delivered.

What are the benefits?

Leveraging virtual and remote consultations:

  • Extend Consultation Virtually: Using TelePresence, you can extend consultation capabilities to sites won-location specialists
  • For institutions seeking to expand service coverage or provide remote care to affiliates and clinics, the ability to consult with patients remotely can be a significant advantage.
  • The ability to provide remote care can also be a recruiting and retention benefit for physicians.
  • To direct caregivers, research teams and sales teams can benefit from enhanced collaboration capabilities as they develop new drugs, provide training on new instruments, or consult on innovative procedures.

Information Capture

Globally, many cities face challenges in transportation, security and inefficient resources due to the lack of tools monitoring real time information.

What's the solution?

Intenet of Things:
IoT provides limitless opportunities for cities to capture information in real time and improve on service delivery. Using IoT devices, cities are able to mount sensors on different locations to monitor conditions in real time. With all this information collected local government will be able to make informed decisions.

What are the benefits?

IoT devices enable cities to:

  • 1. Energy management: To reduce energy wastage in street lighting of the city.
  • 2. Water Management -Water leaks can be easily detected and corrected
  • 3. Transport management - Real time traffic maps can be obtained to enable smooth flow.
  • 4. Noise and Pollution management: To detect levels of pollution and noise

Data Analytics

Despite the vast amounts of data generated in cities, local governments are unable to leverage and analyse information to provide better service delivery.

What's the solution?

Big Data Analytics:
Analytics enable local government to harvest and store data from multiple sources; Social media, Web, Mobile phones and IoT. With access to multiple sources of information, informed decisions can be made quickly.

What are the benefits?

Big Data Analytics enable cities to:

  • 1.Information aggregation: City governments can aggregate data from multiple sources.
  • 2.Intelligent insights: Analytics provide intelligent insights that can improve how they deliver services and respond to emergencies � all to improve the quality of urban life.
  • 3.Planning and prediction: Using Big Data analytics cities can be able to anticipate future requirements and plan accordingly

Information Dissemination

There is lack effective options in which local government are able to share information with citizens and vice-versa to improve urban life.

What's the solution?

PaaS Cloud:
Mobile and Web represents multiple channels for cities to disseminate information to citizens. Using Cloud makes it possible for cities to create communication tools without investments in datacenters."

What are the benefits?

Leverage PaaS Cloud for:

  • 1. Easier government to citizen interactions: Citizens can use mobile and web to interact with city governments.
  • 2. Faster resolution of issues: Citizens are able to share complain and sentiments with city governments and they are addressed faster.
  • 3. Reduced Capex: The mobile and web tools are hosted on the cloud and hence reduced capital expenditure by city governments.

Public Safety

Crime is on the rise in many cities globally. This is made worse by the lack of real time visibility authorities have, impacting their response time to address crime.

What's the solution?

CCTV Video Analysis:
CCTV is widely used across many cities to protect citizens and monitor crime. However investments have not always been made to analyse the data captured through CCTV. This solution provides video analysis to help pin point where protential crime may occur. It gives the opportunity to stay one step ahead.

What are the benefits?

CCTV Video Analysis offers:

  • 1. Better security: with real time security monitoring, security agents are able to reduce crime rate
  • 2. Faster response to incidences: with video and big data analysis, monitoring centers are able to pin point security incidences and notify nearest security agents.
  • 3. Security analytics: enable city authorities to detect areas of increased crime, which will gave them the opportunity to act more deliberately and deploy officers more intelligently

Traffic Congestion

Citizens spend many hours commuting from A to B due to traffic congestion due to poor infrastructure.

What's the solution?

Smart Transport System:
A smart transport solution combines cameras, traffic sensors, applications and network infrastructure. Data collected is stored in specialised Big Data platforms. Using this information traffic is controlled intelligently and based on information. Traffic managers are able to detect traffic incidences in real time and thus able to avert potential traffic bottlenecks.

What are the benefits?

Smart Transport System enables:

  • 1. Incident management: Automated incident detection and quicker responses
  • 2. Decision making Better-informed operational decision making
  • 3. Planning and resource allocation: Improved planning and resource allocation
  • 4. Emergency response: Greater collaboration among response agencies
  • 5. Better urban life: Less congestion, reducing frustration and fuel costs
  • 6. Less pollution and other environmental impacts: Less time is wasted in traffic and car carbon emissions

Poor Business Visibility

With the current worldwide instability within this industry, companies need to be nimble by making timely decisions based accurate data insights across their business.

What's the solution?

Business Intelligence and Analytics
Providing accurate business insights in easy to use graphical formats. Customisable and ad-hoc reports can be generated instantly giving a 360 degree view across all aspects of the business. The solution derives data from heterogeneous sources ranging from business systems to field and SCADA systems.

What are the benefits?

Maximum insights across the business:

  • Access ad-hoc reports and intuitive & interactive dashboards
  • Enable managers to take well informed decisions at any point in time
  • Make extrapolations and predictions with the available data

Asset Monitoring Inabilities

The management of valuable assets via proactive maintenance maximising the utilisation of pipelines, rigs and storage tanks in challenging territories avoiding high repair bills.

What's the solution?

Enterprise Asset Management:
When a world-class EAM is deployed by Oil & Gas firms, proactive maintenance is essential to allow firms to maximize the lifespan of their assets. Leakages, vandalisations, and dangers are easily identified with notifications being sent to asset managers for their immediate attention.

What are the benefits?

Asset Optimisation & Maintenance Cost Reduction:

  • Facilitates Proactive Asset Maintenance
  • Extends Lifespan of Assets
  • Eliminate avoidable Asset Repairs
  • Reduce Turn-Around-Time for Unavoidable Repairs via planning and early problems identification

General Business Inefficiencies

Firms need to become efficient in their business process, maximizing the utilisation of human assets to sales and procurement in order to eliminate waste.

What's the solution?

Enterprise Resource Planning
With a Business Automation Suite that covers Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Procurement and Supply Chain, your End-Users are able to create an efficient working environment. Utilising a single source of data and the use of application driven processes leads to zero or near zero usage of manual and paper based systems.

What are the benefits?

Automated Business Processes:

  • Streamline business operations
  • Centralize operations
  • Boost business agility
  • Eliminate wastages

Collaboration Difficulties

For firms operating in different locations, both on and offshore, the need for managers to collaborate in real time to make crucial decisions often occurs.

What's the solution?

The deployment of collaboration solutions solves the problem of meetings involving personnel based around varied locations. The engagement level of personnel during meetings is greatly enhanced thus providing richer context and content.

What are the benefits?

Instant Real Time Interactivity:

  • Instant reduction in travel costs and time allocated to attending meetings
  • Richer quality of meetings delivered through video conferencing
  • Better derived value and deliberation results as a result of higher interactivity

Poor Project Execution

A common reason for project failures can be poor management. Projects involving not-easily-sourced, expensive materials and equipment require tools to ensure timely implementation and installations.

What's the solution?

Project Management Application:
Firms using this solution are able to use a central repository for the capture of all details relating to project executions. With this, all projects can be tracked and managed across all locations, be it on or off shore. All concerns and potential risks are anticipated and mitigated by relevant stakeholders

What are the benefits?

Better managed enterprise projects:

  • A true picture of each project is seen at all times from a central source of information
  • Provides clear project visibility
  • Firms are able to plan, manage and execute projects in time and within budget
  • Simple management interfaces for the deployment and management of complex enterprise projects

Business Process Automation

Public organisations require a single source of truth to support their business functions as most struggle with disparate legacy systems that are siloed. This calls for a system that is able to bring all data together and deliver to business users in a seamless manner.

What's the solution?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
An ERP Cloud offering is a comprehensive, insight-driven digital platform with the ability to tailor towards specific business needs. ERP Cloud brings all the business operations data together to deliver a seamless functional approach to data management. Using a single source of truth from all lines of business you will received a 360 degree view of the business with actionable insights to improve service delivery and operational efficiencies.

What are the benefits?

Streamlined and controlled financial and operational processes:

  • Simplify: Streamline your financial business processes and technology requirements
  • Accelerate: Increase your decision making with real-time information access
  • Collaborate: Work with others using social business objects
  • Control: Curb your costs with increased productivity

Documents Management

Public organisations need to store various document types, monitor who is viewing documents with timestamps as well as version controls. This creates a need for a modern solution with mobile capabilities.

What's the solution?

Document Management Cloud Service:
An enterprise level collaboration platform available in the Cloud connecting people and information. Offering robust security and integration options, while at the same time focusing on easy-to-use collaboration optimised for social and mobile use. Enterprise class encryption, multi-tenant architecture, detailed analytics and auditing keeps your information safe. This is in addition to managing permission controls, secure links and automatic backups.

What are the benefits?

Efficient, accessible and secured document management offering:

  • Continual access to documents and files
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Social Collaboration
  • Mobile Optimized Experience
  • Application Extensions

Decreasing Infrastructure Maintenance Costs

The complexity and cost associated with managing diverse system environments could become a real bottleneck for mid-sized to enterprise organisations. This creates the need for a modern infrastructure management system that covers all tiers of the the infrastructure landscape.

What's the solution?

Enterprise Manager:
Provides comprehensive management solutions to help you streamline IT operations with plug-ins for operating systems, hosts, databases, middleware and security. This is in addition to plug-ins for the network, servers, and storage. It also provides bi-directional connectors for popular management frameworks including IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, and Microsoft MOM, as well as connectors for popular service desks including BMC Remedy.

What are the benefits?

Increased infrastructure management efficiency:

  • Enables organisations to run any workload at any time
  • Innovative migration tools pave the way by simplifying how organisations migrate on premises workloads to the cloud.
  • Businesses can reduce costs, optimise IT resources, and streamline processes.

Reporting & Analysis

The need to aggregate data from data sources that are often found in disparate data silos, calls for a solution that can fetch data from various data sources and deliver to business users based on defined policies.

What's the solution?

Business Intelligence Cloud Service:
A comprehensive platform with advanced analytics and operational analysis brings together visual analytics, self-service discovery and easy access to diverse data sources and more. This is presented in a single comprehensive platform that is easy to use and manage.

What are the benefits?

Providing on-time actionable insight:

  • On-time actionable reporting both operational and analytical
  • Improved decision-making that impacts citizen services directly
  • Integrated dashboards provide a clear picture of leading indicators of service requirements
  • Improve the government�s decision-making ability by ensuring that the data is accurate and complete

Human Capital Management

Public Service still remains the biggest employer of labor and that comes with the great need to have a modern system that can provide modern capabilities to effectively manage todays workforce.

What's the solution?

Human Capital Management System:
HCM is built with a common technology framework that provides standards for integration, security, social, analytics and mobile. It has a shared architecture and master data that drives standardisation. It enables organisations to proactively manage HR operations while focusing on strategic business initiatives.

What are the benefits?

Improved employee management and productivity

  • Streamlines and automates daily record-keeping processes and provides a framework for HR staff to manage benefits, administration and payroll
  • Map out succession planning and document such things as personnel actions and compliance with industry and/or government regulations
  • Integrated talent-management features
  • Improved quality of decision making
  • Improved planning and forecasting
  • Increased speed of decision making

Fast Reliable Wi-Fi

Hospitality venues are under preasure to deliver a seamless Wi-Fi experience for their guests whilst providing them with online self-services tools.

What's the solution?

Secure and reliable Wi-FI:
Providing solutions that make guest onboarding simple, seamless and secure. Leverage the new Wireless Wave 2 standards to deliver high-speed Wi-Fi. Consistent, fast and reliable wireless access help guests to feel at home, enabling them to use their mobile devices throughout their stay.

What are the benefits?

Address critical connectivity needs:

  • Ensuring secure, no-fail, high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Increase food and beverage turn rate with Wi-Fi point of sales
  • Hotel operators can shorten check-in wait times for guests with Wi-Fi devices
  • Improve staff accessibility by providing voice over Wi-Fi
  • Boost conference room booking rates by ensuring secure, no-fail, high-speed Wi-Fi

Hotel Management System

Businesses need to track the consuption of services by guests and connect this information to operational and financial processes.

What's the solution?

Cloud Management System:
Leverage a Cloud platform that is secure, scalable, and mobile-enabled offering comprehensive capabilities hotels need to effectively manage rates and allocation of rooms to various distribution channels. It is therefore one system, which allows hotels to manage everything from stock control to revenue protection much more easily.

What are the benefits?

Effectively Manage Hotel Processes:

  • Intuitive user interface, offering comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management.
  • Deliver exceptional guest experiences
  • Maximize revenues with rate management
  • Increase housekeeping efficiency
  • Maximize bookings and easily manage reservations

Enhance Guest Experience

Customer experience is the number one criteria that travellers use to select hotels � far outweighing price and location.

What's the solution?

Customer Engagement:
Offer guests the ability to seamlessly use their smartphone on a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Provide the opportunity to browse social media, access hotel loyalty programs, check in and out, select their room and make extra requests or purchases all from their smartphones.

What are the benefits?

Increased Customer satisfaction and loyalty:

  • Real time and historical analytics of the aggregate movement patterns of your customers
  • Creating lasting memories thereby increasing loyalty

New Revenue Streams

In additon to traditional revenue streams from rooms and catering, many hotel's must identify new innovative ways to make use of technology to increase income.

What's the solution?

Smart Wi-Fi:
This may include having tiered Wi-Fi pricing and location-based advertising that can be used to send personalised promotional messages to up-sell and cross-sell. This is in addition to audio-visual and digital facilities for video conferencing and digital signage.

What are the benefits?

Generating new revenue streams:

  • Tiered wifi pricing can help in offsetting bandwidth costs
  • Increase sales by providing targeted location-based marketing
  • Enhancing guest experience

Reduce Operating Costs

Technology presents the opportunity for the hospitality industry to change how hotel developers plan buildings and the internal infrastructure.

What's the solution?

Network Powered Lighting:
Hotels can reduce energy costs by utilising technology to manage their lighting. The efficiency of bulbs and lighting across a hotel can be almost 10 times more than incandescent lighting. Over time this will reduce costs.

What are the benefits?

Reducing Operating Costs

  • Lower Energy and Electricity Costs
  • More Efficient use of Resources
  • Automated environmental changes

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